Baby, Massage and Yoga
Title of Class: Baby Explorers Sensory – Massage
Class Description: Our courses are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and are a wonderful opportunity to bond with your new baby. Each week parents are taught different massage techniques for different parts of the body to assist with colic, wind, crying, teething and restful sleep. The course includes a baby massage towel, baby massage oil and our massage instruction pack (to enable you to practice your strokes at home).
Age Range: From birth
Location: Private courses at your home
Day: To be arranged with you
Time: To be arranged with you
Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour
Price: £55.00 
Course Length: 2 – 3 week course
Requires Parental Supervision: Yes
Free Trial Available: No
Contact Name: Kate Firman
Contact Phone Number: 07947 380 135
Website Address:

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Title of Class: Daisy Baby Positive touch and movement for mum and baby
Class Description: Our range of Daisy Baby classes are perfect for mum and baby, offering everything you could possibly need in one perfect little package.

In our Daisy Tinies class (from around 6 weeks), from the moment you enter the class, you will be guided through a lyrical journey of calming music, white noise, babbling brooks, gentle wind chimes, gurgling babies and beautiful relaxation music.  In this lovely setting, you will enjoy learning soothing full body massage routines (including colic and calming routines), baby reflexology and gentle first-step baby yoga.

Classes are fantastic for bonding with baby and developing together.  They are also a useful tool for parents struggling with colic, reflux, periods of inconsolable crying or problems getting baby to sleep alone or on their back.

In our Daisy Wrigglers class(from 4 -5 months to actively mobile), classes are a colourful, bright and lively baby yoga based class, with baby yoga routines combined with run rhymes and songs, and which includes gentle movements for you too.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of baby yoga – come and join us in an environment where baby can see, socialise and interact with other little people, while enjoying a chance to stretch and move!

 – A six-week term of baby massage/yoga
– Postnatal support
– Gentle postnatal movements for mums
– Impartial education helping you learn to understand your baby, their cues and milestones
– Progressive classes that are developmentally appropriate from six weeks to crawling through Tinies and Wrigglers
– Peer support in class and online through our Daisy Community
– Classes are welcoming of all parenting choices and baby led – no need to worry about baby needing cuddles, feeding, changing etc!

Age Range: 6 weeks – actively crawling
Location: Christ Church Centre, High Street TN1 1UT

(Classes also available at Dunks Hall, Hawkhurst (Wed)and Pembury (Mon))

I can also bring classes to your home for a group of friends, please enquire

Day: Monday: Christ Church Centre
Time: Wrigglers: 10:00am
Tinies: 11:15am 
Duration: 1 hour
Price: £42.00
Course Length: 6 weeks
Requires Parental Supervision: Yes
Free Trial Available: Try with no obligation
Contact Name: Anna Hayes or email:
Contact Phone Number: 0777 368 5765
Website Address:

Venue Facilities: Toilets, baby change, wheelchair access, cafe


Title of Class: Baby Bumpkin and Tatty Bumpkin
Class Description:

Yoga-inspired classes for babies and children.

Baby Bumpkin and Tatty Bumpkin are award-winning classes, for babies and children from 6 weeks to 5 years. The classes are designed to encourage movement, enhance development and inspire confidence in your child, using a yoga-inspired programme, combining storytelling, music and a world of sensory development.

Baby Bumpkin classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks to 2 years.
They are designed to encourage movement, development and feelings of calm. The class focuses on you and the well-being of your baby, providing a firm foundation for their social, emotional and physical confidence. The class is about having a fun and happy experience and to firmly establish a warm, caring relationship between you and your baby. You will learn to play with your baby, motivating them to explore their world and become learners for life. The sessions are 3-in-1, combining storytelling, music and simple baby yoga movements.

Tatty Bumpkin classes are for children from 2-5 years
The children will embark on a unique session that links movement with storytelling and music, using yoga positions and a world of sensory discovery. The programme is aligned to the EYFS curriculum and has been designed by paediatric physiotherapists and yoga teachers. The adventure stories will spark the children’s imagination as they embark on journeys to the jungle, soaring into space and diving with dolphins! During the sessions, we work with the children to develop life skills, including communication, core muscle strength (to enable sitting still), crossing the midline (to help with dressing themselves and cutlery use), fine-motor skills (to help with writing), and calming activities (to help with self-regulation and listening).

Age Range: 6 weeks – 5 years

The Hub, Grosvenor and Hilbert Park, Auckland Road, TN1 2LN

(located next to the cafe near the children’s playground)

Day: Tuesday

Baby Bumpkin Wrigglers (6 weeks to pre-crawling): 11:30am – 12:15pm

Tatty Bumpkin (2 and a half to 5 years): 1:10pm – 1:55pm

Baby Bumpkin Explorers (on the move to 2 and a half years): 2:05pm – 2:35pm

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes (depending on age)
Price: £7.50 per class
Bookable on a termly basis
Course Length: 6 -7 weeks in line with school terms
Requires Parental Supervision: Yes
Free Trial Available: Yes – please quote ‘Tunbridge Wells Kids On The Go’
Contact Name: Hilary Carroll
Contact Phone Number: 07511 048 803
Website Address:
Venue Facilities: Toilet, changing facilities, plenty of space for buggies, a cafe to cement newly-built friendships and children’s playground
Title of Session: The Children’s Reflexology Programme: Baby and Child Reflexology Courses
Brief outline of class description:

6 week courses for parents / grandparents to attend with their child. On this course you will learn how to use reflexology for relaxation and as a complementary therapy for use with age related ailments. All the reflexology is taught to animal songs making it fun and interactive for adults and children of all ages. For older children we also use stories with the reflexology.
Reflexology is known to aid relaxation and sleep and is now being used within healthcare settings as a complementary therapy for children.

Courses are run for the following age groups:
Newborns to precrawlers
Crawlers, toddlers and preschoolers

After school courses can be run upon request for a minimum of 4 children

Depending upon the course attended (newborns & pre-crawlers or toddlers & preschoolers) you will learn reflexology for issues such as reflux, sleep promotion and relaxation, coughs and colds, ear ache, teething, tantrums – these are just a few examples.
Your course fee includes handouts for each of the reflexology routines you will learn, CD with all the songs on, reflexology bed time story book (The Mouses House by Susan Quayle) and a certificate of attendance. Once you have attended a full course you are welcome to attend future courses on a drop in basis at just £5 per session.

Pre booking essential.

Note: Training is also available for preschools, nurseries and those working in early years settings. Please contact me for more details regarding this course.

Adapted courses are available for parents of children with additional needs including children with autism. Please contact me for dates / venues of these courses.

Age Range: Newborns to Preschoolers
Location: Goudhurst Village Hall, Balcombs Hill, Goudhurst, TN17 1AH
Day: Monday
Time: Mornings
Duration: 1 hour
Price: £75 for all 6 weeks including handouts, CD, story book and certificate of attendance.
Course Length: 6 weeks
Requires Parental Supervision: Yes
Free Trial Available: Yes – Mention Kids On The Go
Contact Name: Claire Hall 
Contact Phone Number: 07704155112
Website Address:
Venue Facilities: Free Parking, Toilets, Buggy Storage


Title of Class: Tots Play Tunbridge Wells
Class Description: Tots Play is a multi-activity play class for babies and toddlers.  Classes include baby yoga, massage, signing and sensory exploration combined with fun ways to play and interact with your baby or toddler.  A great place to meet other mums too!


There are 3 classes to choose from:

Baby Development (birth – 6 months):  This 6 week course runs at different times throughout the year.  Learn fun ways calm your little one and to promote bonding with your new baby, includes baby massage, yoga, music, sign and sensory.

Discovery Tots (8 weeks – crawling):  Delight and boost the development of all baby’s senses at this fun, interactive class with movement, sensory play, signing, music and more.

Socal Tots (8 months – 3 years):  a more structured class with a wide range of physical and social play activities.

For more information on taster sessions or to book classes please contact Kelda on or visit

Age Range: 0 – 3 years
Location: The Hub (just behind the cafe by the playground), Grosvenor and Hilbert Park, Auckland Road TN1 2LN
Day: Wednesday & Thursday
Time: Baby Development (newborn to 6 months): 11:45am – 12:35pm

Discovery Tots (8 weeks to crawling): 10:40am – 11:20am

Social Tots (8 months – 3 years): 9:40am – 10:20am

Duration: 40 minutes
Price: £6.00 per class for Discovery Tots and Social Tots

Bookable in either half term or full term blocks


£55.00 for Baby Development (6 weeks)

Course Length: 6 weeks
Requires Parental Supervision: Yes
Free Trial Available: Yes – please mention Kids On The Go
Contact Name: Kelda
Contact Phone Number: 07734 821 927
Website Address:
Venue Facilities: Toilets and changing facilities, cafe
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